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Hey there!

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!

Please make sure, that you take a look at my Commissions page, before ordering a commission. All details as well as my terms & conditions are on there as well as rates, categories and example works.

More information down below the contact form!

Commission Form


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Why your address? Germany requires a full adress on invoices for tax purposes.

Commission style
Character Size
Thank you for your message!

Commission info:

Please add the following information about the character:

- Personality and mood

- Appearance: body shape, looks, clothing style etc.


- Reference Pictures that you like. You can include a link or send the pictures in a seperate mail.


- If you order a background to your piece, please include a description of that, too.

- Your adress and full name for invoice purposes.

- Social media handles, if you want to get tagged.


​Feel free to share everything you got!
I'm also always happy to read some backstory about your character, so feel free to send it over, too!

Ordering Process:

1 . Place your order with this contact form. 

2 . I'll get back to your message as fast as I can. If 1 week has passed, please follow up!

3 . When all is settled, I'll send you an invoice. Once the partial or total amount has been paid, I will start working on the order.

4 . I'll send a rough draft of your work for approval. Now it's time for changes and corrections. Every major change after this step will cost extra.

5 . I'll keep you up to date in the process.


6 . When I'm done, I'll send a low-resolution version of the image for approval. When the remaining amount is transferred (only for larger projects) I will send the original file per mail.

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