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Commission Rates

Thank you for your interest in my art!

My Commissions are open for commercial and personal use. The prices on this page

are only for personal use and do not include transaction and/or commercial fee.

​If you have something in mind, that's not listed here, feel free to contact me.

​Please be aware, that slight stylistic changes may appear, as art always evolves.
If you are looking for a specific look, please link an example

of my previous works in your request.

Have fun browsing and feel free to drop an e-mail for any questions!

Fantasy Character Artwork 

Black and white or colored sketch

with rough shading.

Additional Characters and complex backgrounds cost extra.





Fantasy Character Artwork Render

Rendered character artwork and simple background.

Additional Characters and complex backgrounds cost extra.


Half Body

Full Body




Fantasy Illustration

Rendered character illustration with complex background.

Room for storytelling!

Additional Characters cost extra.

Starting at 400€ 


Half Body

Full Body

Terms and Conditions​​


- The quotes are a base price and can get higher or lower, depending on complexity.

- ​​The prices on this side are for personal use only! For commercial use, please write a message.

- Personal use means, you can’t mass produce the art or use it in any commercial setting, either by yourself or by a company.

- ​Backgrounds, extra characters and animal companions are not included in every category. Please include them in your description so I can adjust the price.

- ​For NSFW art, you must provide proof of age (+18). NSFW will have different pricing, depending on complexity.

- ​I will not take any more commissions when my slots are full. You can, however, reserve a spot for as soon as I'm open again.


​​- Payment is in EURO (€) and will be done through PayPal only.

​- Commissions over 200 Euro: The client pays a deposit of 50% of the total price upfront. The remaining 50% will be paid after the piece is finished.

- The completed piece will not be delivered, before the complete payment.

- Commissions under 200 Euro must be paid completely after the first sketch has been approved of by you.

​- Paying the invoice, means you accepted the terms of service.

​- After the approval of the first sketch, there are no refunds.

​- The above quoted prices include two feedback/adjustment

phases after the sketches are done. Every major change to the final piece will cost extra.


- I will retain all the rights of the commissioned artwork. This includes the rights to use it within my own advertising for my freelance services.

- ​I reserve the right to post the art on social media and give tagged credit if it’s an original character.

​- I reserve the right to monetize my artwork through mass production and other commercial settings unless negotiated otherwise

​- Terms are subject to change.

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